From 2D to 3D with Frederik Storm

How to take a 2D concept to the third dimension

About the tutorial
In this tutorial, I'll be talking about my thought process when I'm taking one of my 2D sketches and converting it to a 3D maquette. I'll be using zbrush for the tutorial, but hopefully most of the things I say will apply to any other program as well, as I will be spending most of the time talking about some general concepts of bringing a concept to 3D rather than the technical aspects of the program. This first video is about sculpting and transferring 2D shapes to 3D, the second video is a time-lapse of the texturing and rendering process.

About Frederik Storm
Frederik Storm is currently a student at The Animation Workshop (TAW), he is attending the CG-artist line and will be starting his second year at the school shortly. Frederik's focus is on character, both on designing  and bringing them to 3D. His main tool of choice for concept sculpting and maquette making is ZBrush. 

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